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Water Bottle Handler (Yellow)

Water Bottle Handler (Yellow)

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  • Comfortable Carrying with Ergonomic design
  • Load Sharing made easier with friends or family
  • Easy Lifting Water Bottles with 2 hands
  • Made Up Of Premium-Quality Plastic
  • Durable, Ensure Long-lasting use
  • Anti-Slip
  • Easy Grip
  • Strong Wear-resistance

To use the water bottle handler, we need to open its 2 arms and fix it on the bottle’s neck. This makes the water bottle carrying just like carrying a bag.

Water Bottle Handler Makes it easier to handle heavy water bottles. Premium quality plastic makes it a master class of manufacturing. It is designed to be anti-slip and easy to grip. It makes handling water bottles smooth without putting any additional stress on the back.

We can comfortably carry water bottles with this handling tool. Ergonomic handle design allows easy carrying and moving of bottles. Using two bottle handlers an adult can easily carry 2 water bottles. The weight of a water bottle is 20 kg, which lies at extremities of single-person lifting capacity. The Water bottle handler allows 2 friends or family members to evenly share the load. Load sharing supports relationship building.

Heavy lift in the home environment is the cause of many back-related issues like lower back pain. Lifting a water bottle up to a dispenser or a shelf is a back-breaking task. 2 handles for pick up allow easy lifting of water bottles.

The Water bottle handler is made of high-quality plastic, which has very strong wear-resistance. giving a very beautiful feel and look.

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