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2 In 1 Floor Cleaning Scrub Brush Long Handle Removable Wiper Magic Broom Brush

2 In 1 Floor Cleaning Scrub Brush Long Handle Removable Wiper Magic Broom Brush

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This tile cleaning brush not only has a brush head but also has a scraper. Whenever you use the brush head, use the scraper to gently scrape the floor, and the floor will be clean immediately. The uniquely designed brush head makes it easier for you to use it whether you are brushing high gaps or corners of floors, sinks, bathtubs and dead corners behind toilets it can be done easily. It can be up to 44 inches long, and the width of the brush head and scraper is 9 inches, the large size makes it easier for you to use. 

Brighter Homes Adjustable Cleaning Floor Scrub Brush 2 In 1 Long Handle  Removable Wiper Magic Broom Brush Squeegee | Lazada PH
Difficult to Remove Stubborn Stain from Your Floor? Want to Save Your Back and Knees When Cleaning Floor?

Long Handle Multi-Functional Floor Scrub Brush Helps You.

"I clean everything with this brush."

✨Reach Any Corner In Seconds
✨Can Be Used On Any Surface
✨Tough Bristles For Deep Cleaning
✨Brush Across For Instant Cleaning

✅TOUGH AND SOFT: Our 2 in 1 Floor Brush Scrub Brush is soft yet tough enough to clean through dirt and grime. With the rubber bristles you'll never scratch any surface including glass and tiles

✅V SHAPE: Our unique V shaped design is the secret to getting into every corner and gap within seconds without constantly banging and destroying your home trying to get into it

✅120° ROTATING HEAD: Clean faster and easier with the 120° rotating head. With this feature you'll reach all hard to reach spots easily without effort

✅REMOVABLE: When it's time to store the 2 in 1 scrub brush you can simply detach the head and handle for easier storage and easier cleaning of the brush head when needed
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